The Gorges of Viros & Rindomos

The Gorges of Viros & Rindomos

On the west side of Messinia, in the Messinian Mani and more specifically Lefktro, Viros Gorge, with a total length of 20 km. In ancient times widely known as the ‘bridge’ due to the fact that it connected Messinia with Laconia.

The route is spectacular as the starting point is at an altitude of some 1,400m. on mount Taygetus and descends through the Vasiliki and St. Dimitri forests towards Kardamili and the sea.

The Rindomos Gorge, located just outside Kalamata at the start of the Messinan Mani, is equally beautiful and challenging for anyone who wants to traverse its 19km length.

The first historical mention of the gorge is made by Pausanias (160 AD).

A set of cliffs and rivers with crystal clear waters, which, in conjunction with abundant vegetation and dense clusters of trees creates a coolness that in summer, even at midday, the sun’s rays are unable to penetrate.

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