Undoubtedly Messinia must be one of the few places in Greece that has such a wide variety and choice of beautiful beaches for enjoyable swimming. From the endless beaches of Finikounda and the smaller but equally attractive beach of Methoni, all the way round the coast to the pristine clean beaches of the Mani, the truth is that swimming here is a real treat.

One of the most beautiful spots in the city of Kalamata is the beach. The beach of Kalamata extends to 2.5 km and you can get there even on foot from the city center and enjoy a swim.

The easternmost part of the beach of Kalamata is considered the best for swimming and that’s why it is the most crowded. Here the beach is very wide and free.

Along the avenue of Navarino, with large sidewalks and palm trees, the beach of Kalamata, which has been awarded with Blue Flag is paved with small pebbles. It deepens smoothly and thanks to its location in the center of the closed Messinian Bay it has warm and quiet waters.

The beach of Verga is just five kilometers away from the city of Kalamata and is actually an extension of the beach of Kalamata, in front of the settlement of Ano Verga. It is pebbled with quiet and warm waters. It has several beach bars and is very popular especially among young people. On the beach of Verga there are also all the clubs of Kalamata opening after 12 pm until the early morning hours.

The beach of Verga has the entire infrastructure, umbrellas, cafes, restaurants and everything you need, you can find it there. Along with the adjacent beach of Almyros it is one of the major tourist resorts of Kalamata that every summer both locals and tourists, Greek and foreigners, visit it. During the last years many tourist facilities, hotels and resorts have been built on the beach of Verga.

By the beach of Verga you also have to visit the village of Ano Verga, at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It is 15 minutes away and the greatview over the Messinian Bay will impress you.



The beach of Almyros is one of the most popular and crowded beaches of Kalamata. It is located 6 km to the east of Kalamata, just before the turn leading to Mani.

The beach of Almyros has white pebbles, sun beds and umbrellas and of course plenty of cafes and beach bars. It is ideal for water sports such as water skiing and wind surfing. It has also a beach volley court for lovers of the sport.

The scenery on the beach of Almyros is magical: the olive and palm trees that reach to the beach and are reflected on the blue waters and the imposing Taygetos. And on the background you can admire the city of Kalamata…

Almyros and the adjacent beach of Verga are the most important tourist resorts of Kalamata that every summer both locals and tourists, Greek and foreigners, visit them. At the beach of Almyros there are plenty of tourist accommodation for every taste and every budget.


Voidokilia is perhaps the most famous beach in Messinia and one of the most beautiful in Greece! Its name comes from Voufras, “where oxen live”. It is also mentioned on an ancient inscription as Vouvota – Voidokilia. However, the most obvious name probably derives from the great curvature that forms the bay and the fact that it looks like an ox’s belly.

Voidokilia is located next to the Lagoon of Yalova, at a distance of 10 kilometers from Pylos.

This natural bay is of unique beauty; fine white sand covers a wide area, from side to side of the beach. The water is calm, turquoise and exotic. On your left, as you look at the sea, you can see Paleocastro, on the base of which lies the cave of Nestor.

On your right, at the other side of Voidokilia over the hill, lies a vaulted tomb attributed (not having yet been confirmed) to Thrasymedes, son of Nestor.

Low vegetation surrounding the bay of Voidokilia, while the beach is full of beautiful shells –just immerse your hand in the sand!

Voidokilia is as remote as necessary to remain “authentic”. It is within the protected zone of Natura 2000 and you will not find there any organized activity. In August, it is swarmed by hundreds of visitors, who come to admire it and enjoy its waters and the beauty of the landscape. Free camping is prohibited in the area, which has significant biodiversity.

Access to Voidokilia is possible by the path under Paliokastro, which is located at the end of the Divari beach. You can leave your car there and follow the path indicated by the sign.

The easiest way to access it is through Petrochori. As you move on the road Pylos –Gargaliani, turn left at the sign for Petrochori / Voidokilia. After a beautiful drive through eternal olive trees, you will come across to a kiosk. There, turn left and continue straight on the dirt road to the beach. The road in some places is very narrow and requires attention, especially during the busy summer months.


The beach of Kalogria is the most famous, the most crowded and the most organized beach in Western Mani. In the summer, especially on weekends, it is full of people. Greeks and foreigners fill the beautiful coast, which is covered with white sand. Feature of the beach of Kalogria is the blue, shallow, but cold waters with underwater water sources by Taygetos to keep it always clean.

The beach of Kalogria has umbrellas and loungers, beach volley court, bars, restaurants, water sports, bike and canoe. It is ideal for young people and families with small children.

If you can stay on the beach of Kalogria until late afternoon, you will see the sun setting in front of you, in the water, one of the best sunsets in Greece.

On the beach of Kalogria, Nikos Kazantzakis lived for two years (1917-1918) with the legendary hero of his novel “Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas”. In 1917 Kazantzakis bought the lignite mine of Prastova, just above the beach of Kalogria and made Zorbas as foreman. At the northern end of the coastline there is the house where the author lived with Zorbas while at the southern end, near the beach there is the “cave of Kazantzakis”, where he found refuge for reading and writing. You can visit the cave either swimming or by boat.

The beach of Kalogria is located 40 km away from Kalamata and 6.5 km away from Kardamyli.

The beach of Stoupa is the second busiest beach in western Mani after Kalogria . It is located almost next to it, right in front of the main street of the village of Stoupa .

The beach of Stoupa is also called “Miami” of Mani with turquoise waters, fine golden sand, countless umbrellas and sun beds and people come and go endlessly. Despite the crowds, the waters of the beach of Stoupa are always clear, and underground rivers which start from Taygetos subsea flow here and recycle them endlessly. It is worth to have your mask to explore the beauty of the seabed.

The beach of Stoupa is ideal for families and people who avoid isolation. Next to the sea there are many bars, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, hotels and supermarkets.

Apart from maritime beauties in the beach of Stoupa, you can enjoy the glorious sunset, which is amazing from all points of the area. The beach of Stoupa is 41 km away from Kalamata and 7.5 km from Kardamyli .

You will find the beach of Mikri Mantinea 10 km to the east of Kalamata in a magnificent location in front of the village. The foothills of Taygetos along with the beautiful blue sea creates beautiful bays with lush greenery.

The beach of Mikri Mantinia has white pebbles, is awarded with the Blue Flag and provides lifeguard at its central point. There are many bars and cafes on the beach, as well as an abundance of taverns next to the sea. On the beach of Mikri Mantinia there is plenty of free parking next to the beach.

The beach of Mikri Mantinia such as the whole east coast of the Messinian Bay has become an important tourist resort of Kalamata. It offers lots of tourist accommodation – hotels and apartments- on the sea and new units are continually built to attract summer visitors, not only from the region but also from various parts of Greece who come here to enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach of Mikri Mantinia overlooking the majestic Taygetos.

The beach of Santova is located in Avia, 12 km away from the city of Kalamata to the east. It is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the area, it has several beach bars, which organize almost daily summer parties with famous Djs from Greece and abroad. The night beach parties of Santova are also famous for the small fires in the sand and drinking on the beach.

The beach of Santova has fine sand with small pebbles on the sea. It is the only beach in the area that is sandy but its width is not too large. Above the beach of Santova there is parking area, but it is small compared tp the large number of swimmers who choose this beach.

The beach of Santova is ideal for young people and for those who prefer “noisy” situations, crowds and fun until late in the evening next to the sea.

The beach in is suitable for families who prefer quietness. It has a few sun beds and umbrellas and is naturally surrounded by taverns offering fresh fish on the beach.

The route from cosmic beach Santova until Kitries is very picutesque. It passes through small villages, touching the sea and small creeks, while occasionally it passes through inland, through olive groves and orchards. The road goes through the small settlement of Kitries and reaches to the sea and beach in Kitries.







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